Шоу и концерты
Шоу и концерты

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Вот-вот поднимется занавес и заиграет оркестр. Скоро на сцену выйдут актеры. Зрители замерли в ожидании. Аплодисменты!

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10 of the most iconic Jackson Pollock paintings

Jackson Pollock was a true innovator in modern art for his style of painting. To celebrate his 110th birthday, Musement looks at 10 of the most iconic Jackson Pollock paintings. American painter Paul Jackson Pollock was a key figure in the Abstract Expressionism art movement. Born on January 28, 1912, in Cody, Wyoming, Pollock would […]

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5 useful tips for your visit to Pompeii

Seeing the ruins of Pompeii is like taking an incredible dive into the past. Here are our tips to better organize your visit. As time passes, the charm of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii grows. Pompeii was once a Roman city inhabited by more than one hundred thousand people. In 79 AD, time stopped because […]

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